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Kenfrost Homes caught up with first home buyers Jayden and Bianca on their recent purchase in picturesque Mount Peter Residential Estate! Jayden is the captain of the Northern Pride Rugby League Club when he is not working full time at the Clontarf Foundation.

1. When did you realise buying a new home was possible?

Bianca – We spoke to a couple of people and saw a few estates, but we came for a drive out here [Mount Peter] one day with my aunty who showed me the estate, and I thought it’s really pretty out here with the mountains behind it. But it wasn’t until we came out for a drive and met with Junelle [McNaught – Cairns Key Real Estate] who planted the seed that this could actually happen, she got the ball rolling really quickly and before we knew it, it was all really happening!

Jayden could you ever have imagined you would own your own home at this stage of life?

Jayden – Yeah I pinch myself every time I come home. Thats not being cheesy or anything, but it’s awesome coming from Cairns, born and raised in Cairns, I went away for 10 years and now I’ve come home and are all set up. To build a house for me and my young family and to be able to provide for them is an unreal feeling. Every time I drive into the driveway, open up the garage door and walk into the home it’s a surreal feeling. We’ve only been in a couple months and to be a first home buyer through Kenfrost Homes is an amazing experience.

2. What were the kids reactions when you moved in?

Bianca – Every day after school we would drive by and see the progress so the littlest one was taken back when we actually got the keys and she was like “the house, the house!” and we got to actually walk in. I don’t think it hit them what was actually happening. They are settling into it now and are loving it.

3. How did you go with product selection and colour themes?

Jayden – At the time we saw the different layouts and designs and we settled on the one we’ve got now. It suits our family and lifestyle. We wanted bedroom 2 close to the master bedroom to be close to Stevie [3yrs old] and the other 2 bedrooms at the other end of the house. Also, the open wall mud room [adjoining the garage] is perfect for all my dirty boots and training gear. The house feels like an open plan home from the living room to the dining and back patio. Yeah we really love the layout of the house.

4. Bianca what’s your favourite part of the house?

I love the kitchen and the living space. I think we were sold on the butler’s pantry and how it opens up to the outdoor patio area and we could really picture family coming over and friends coming over so we could have cheese and wine out there.

5. How do you find the wall-less mudroom/laundry?

Bianca – I was a bit iffy about it at the start, I hadn’t seen it before and I was worried about the practicality of it. But I actually love it, its great, it’s sort of multi-use of the laundry and garage. It doesn’t feel closed in, when you got piles of kids washing it feels like a very open and practical use of space. I find we use the garage as a bit of a play space so it’s nice that everything is open and easy.

6. Have you added personal touches to the internal features?

Bianca – I wanted to keep it really clean. I wanted to keep it clean slate, clean colours, all white, just so that if we wanted to change up our style later we could. The pendant lights were our little personal touch which I love.

7. What is the park and the estate like?

Bianca – It’s beautiful out here, we really love it. It wasn’t on our radar when we were first looking for houses. I grew up Southside and were thinking we would look elsewhere but we were really surprised. It’s beautiful, it’s untouched a little bit being out of town and so quiet. We’ve got the beautiful mountains and the cane fields all around us. I like the playground and the basketball court which reminds us of our time living in Sydney at an estate down there.

Jayden – It’s a nice little neighbourhood. It’s pretty quiet, all the neighbours are quite friendly, there’s a nice little vibe like that. We use the playground and basketball court a lot at Mamu Link park. We had our daughter’s 8th birthday party down there because it has everything and only 2 minute walk away. We have MacKillop [Catholic College] around the corner and day care [Mount Peter Early Learning Centre] down the road so it pretty much has everything that you need and feels a bit tucked away.

8. Why did you choose a new home over other options on the market?

Jayden – When we were deciding we thought let’s just a get a brand new home so everything is new, we don’t have to do any renovations or anything we can just come home and chill out.

Bianca – And we’re a busy busy family with Jayden’s football and we both work full time and I think the maintenance on an older style home was not an option. So it’s all new, the yard is low maintenance, and it’s perfect for us.

9. Is there room for growth in your home?

Bianca – It’s perfect us right now, we have the 2 girls sharing a room, and we use another room as a play room and a spare room. So if more kids come down the track we can swap it up and change things around.

Jayden – Yeah it’s perfectly for when family visit too and when we have friends over. We’ve got that extra room there which is great, but yeah there’s 4 bedrooms so there’s plenty of space, we love it.

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