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For 25 years, Kumon Mathematics and English has helped the children of Cairns to excel in the classroom and beyond. There are two Kumon centres in Cairns, located at Raintrees and Cairns North, led by Instructors Maki Walker and Cheryl Ling. They explain that Kumon has many benefits for students and families.

1. Kumon Mathematics and English Aims for Students to Study Ahead

One of the aims of Kumon is for students to comfortably study mathematics and English material at a level that is ahead of their current school grade. There are many benefits to advanced study for kids, including persistence and motivation. Maki has nurtured many advanced Kumon students.

“In my experience, students who can study high school material in primary become quite motivated because they want to keep challenging themselves”, Maki explains. “By high school, they work quickly, and put more effort into other subjects. They have more choices for university and their careers”.

“For example, one of my former students is currently studying dentistry at James Cook University. Another former student is doing an art course in Sydney, and others are studying engineering and medicine”.

2. Kumon Students are Confident in the Classroom

Kumon students come to see challenges, mistakes and the need to exert effort as opportunities. They are not afraid to have a go. As Maki says, Kumon students are confident because they are ahead of their class.

“This gives, especially for children in primary school, lots of confidence because they’re good at maths or English”, Maki says.

3. Kumon is Flexible and Can be Tailored for Each Family’s Needs

Kumon Mathematics and English are individualised programmes, meaning students learn at a level defined by their ability not age. Kumon can also be adapted to continue throughout uncertain circumstances like COVID-19, as Cheryl explains.

“I have been fortunate enough to be supported by wonderful Kumon families who have persisted with their children’s programme”, Cheryl says. “At times it wasn’t easy for some families, but then we worked together to provide manageable alternatives. Thank you for your dedication. Your efforts have led to solid, smooth progress for your children”.

Kumon Mathematics and English is available in Raintrees and Cairns North. To enrol or to learn more please contact:
Kumon Raintrees – Instructor Maki Walker, 0409 903 105,
Kumon Cairns North – Instructor Cheryl Ling, 0414 957 844,