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It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when to start incorporating anti-aging products into your routine. In reality, it varies from person to person and depends on your lifestyle. Typically, anti-ageing prevention such as anti-wrinkle injections or anti-wrinkle products, starts in your 20s. This is because less damage will have been done to the skin (compared to 10 years down the line). We can prolong the arrival of ageing effects that are shown in wrinkles and changes in appearance.

What Are Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables? How Do They Work?

Anti-wrinkle is a revolutionary cosmetic injectable treatment. It smooths and hydrates the skin from the inside – giving you back that youthful glow.

These injections use a purified protein to relax specific muscles. This then means that the muscles are unable to contract, preventing them from creasing the skin. When injected into targeted areas in small doses, this purified protein has a signal-blocking effect stopping the nerves from telling your muscles to take a break, relaxing that muscle. In turn, this softens those visible lines on the face.

What are the Benefits?

Wrinkle prevention, shape and symmetry, looking refreshed, temporary results, and of course a confidence boost!

Their main purpose is to improve or temporarily remove existing lines. But, anti-wrinkle injections can also be used as a preventative measure to help soften expression lines. These expression lines form form when your face moves and put the formation of future lines on pause.

As the effects of this treatment aren’t permanent, first-time clients feel don’t intimidated by anti-wrinkle injections, compared to other more permanent cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic nurses take a customised approach for each client. And, we’re able to easily customise and adapt your treatment plan over time by increasing or decreasing dosage and tweaking treatment areas.

With both age and repetitive muscle movement, lines settle into the face and are visible even at rest. It’s these static, 24/7 lines that can make your face look tired and fatigued. By softening those lines and wrinkles in the skin, your face looks instantly fresher, more youthful, and relaxed. Cue compliments!

Is Anti-Wrinkle Right for Me?

Micro Filler is suitable for people 18 years + and all skin types.

They are extremely effective in treating early signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also the perfect treatment for those who simply wish for an instantly fresher, more youthful, and relaxed look.

See the before and after for cosmetic injectables at Laser Clinics

Laser Clinics Team who can work with anti-wrinkle injectables
Laser Clinics Team, including three cosmetic nurses pictured; Anjelly Dizon (left), Rheanna Linnan (top), Katy Hirst (right).